Are you concerned about the changes that will be brought about under Health Care Reform? The fact is that most agencies don’t have the resources to compete with the larger brokerage houses or the carriers directly, and unless they can evolve to meet the needs of the new market, their business could be at great risk.

This is why The Exchange Marketplace LLC was formed.  We offer an agent-based tool that not only increases your capacity and efficiency, but also allows for additional revenue streams such as voluntary products and even payroll services.  This state of the art web based tool aggregates products from multiple carriers and allows agents to custom design benefit plans that best meet customers’ needs, but best of all, you continue to maintain control over the relationships that you have worked so hard to build.

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out exchanges in multiple states offering both individual and business products along with a healthcare reform subsidy calculator, included so your clients will be able to choose from ALL public exchange products on one secure site.  We are looking for a few leading agents and agencies in the states below who would like to join us and be prepared for the big industry changes ahead.  Please contact us today for more information.


States where we will operate:

Alabama  *  Arizona  *  Florida  *  Georgia   *  Indiana  *  Kansas

Louisana  *  Maryland  *  Mississippi  *  Missouri  *  Montana

Nebraska  *  New Jersey  *  North Carolina  *  North Dakota  *  Ohio

Oklahoma  *  Pennsylvania  *  Soutn Carolina  *  Soutn Dakota  *  Tennessee

Texas  *  Virginia  *  West Virginia  *  Wisconsin  *  Wyoming